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Running from the bulls in Costa Rica

Growing up with the rodeo in Northern California, Lila and I thought that it would be fun to see what a Costa Rican rodeo might be like. Think high school football game mixed with a demolition derby, add a large quantity of cerveza and throw out any rule book that may have existed, and you’re close. The first shocking thing is the fact that when the bull riders are risking their lives atop one ton bulls, wrapped tightly around the groin with a very tight rope (the bulls not the riders), the crowd is allowed to jump down into the bull ring and actually participate. Being 20 years older than the average Costa Rican rodeo fan, Matt, Lila’s brother and my good friend, and I entered the ring, but kept a fair distance. Quite the spectacle, but we felt privileged to be able to participate in an authentic CR tradition.

Rodeo December 20, 2008: Nosara, Costa Rica

In addition to the show, which also included a synchronized horse troop, dancing horses, and a juggling act, there was a multitude of tasty treats to sample.


Click here to learn more about the Garza rodeo and Malacrianza (“Badass”), it’s star bull. This guy has a serious rep.

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