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Getting in shape. For real this time.

Today, only three months behind schedule, Lila and I have decided it’s time to start a better work out regime. Over the next year we will be trekking, surfing, diving, and walking a hell of a lot. It’s time to get strong. To get us started we’ve decided to try the “one hundred push ups” training program. The basic idea is that if we follow this program for 6-weeks we will be able to do, if not 100 push ups, at least more than we can do now.

Lila on the TRX

Aside from the push ups, Lila and I have both been stretching and doing some strength training on the TRX (“Gym in a Bag”) that we have brought with us. To learn more about the TRX check out the Fitness Anywhere website. This may be a shameless plug for my friends at Fitness Anywhere, but I swear this thing is the real deal.

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