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Birthdays and bugs

Thursday was Lila’s birthday and we all went out to a big celebratory dinner at Restaurante Paraiso, located on the hilltop above Nosara. The view was amazing and the table was full…Lila’s mother Jane, her brother Matt and his wife Margot, and our close friends Steve, Lisa, and baby Sofia from Santa Cruz, who just happen to be in town on a surf trip, and myself. Dinner was delicious – prawns for Lila, chicken and green chili enchiladas for me. Fresh dorado, coconut chicken, and a hot dog for Sofie to complete our order. We all doubled up on the margaritas and partied with the local (German) crowd. Did I mention that Costa Rica is full of German’s? Not German tourist, but German’s who’ve been here for years. In fact, after WWII a lot of Europeans moved to South and Central America to either escape persecution, or in the case of some of the Nazi command, to escape prosecution. The later seemed to have settled father south in Argentina and Uruguay – at least that is my understanding.

The birthday girl

In only this case do birthdays and bugs go together, however I have taken up a new hobby that Lila is not too fond of. I’ve been taking macro photos of all of the creepy crawly things that live in and around the house. Click here to have a peek at just a small sample of fascinating creatures that live amongst us on a daily basis.

Big Beetle

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  • Jay
    December 19, 2008

    That is so cool. I want to move there. You guys are going to be ready for Surfvivor soon!

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