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What to Bring?

Who would have thought that we would need all of this to go around the world?

  • Victorinox E-motion 360 Bag (backpack with wheels) – Lila
  • REI Grand Tour Travel Pack – Jeff
  • Single mosquito nets
  • REI Sleeping Sacks
  • TRX Travel Gym
  • Olympus Stylus 1030SW digital camera and three 2-gig XD cards, card reader for Internet cafes (camera goes 33ft underwater without housing!)
  • Sony Reader digital book and travel guides (also plays mp3s!)
  • Solio Solar charger with various cables and attachments
  • Inverter (to charge camera with the Solio)
  • 8-gig SD flash drive (to back up photos)
  • Leatherman Tool – “Juice”
  • Water bottles with charcoal filters
  • Mask and snorkel, rash guards
  • Small compass / temp gauge
  • Flint striker (won’t need it, but I’ve watched way too many episodes of Man Versus Wild to go without)
  • Sun glasses, reading glasses, eye glass prescriptions
  • 2 passports each (we need a separate one for Syria?)
  • Really good shoes
  • Toiletries
  • A very small amount of clothing


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